Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm
  Contact : (719) 533-1000

About Us

Why Choose Absolute Health Center?


  • Committed chiropractic doctors who specialize in personalized quality care
  • 2 convenient locations
  • FREE Initial Consultations
  • Affordable fees and easy payment plans for the uninsured
  • We treat victims of motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries. Often with no cost at all to the patient
  • Qualified and caring staff to provide assistance and answer your questions.
  • SAME DAY appointments available
  • We accept most insurance plans and billing is provided in the office with representative on site to answer questions
  • Absolute Health Centers works with MD’s specializing in pain, utilizing state of the art technology
  • Documented success stories and testimonials by patients and colleagues.


Absolute Health Center and Physiocare accept most major insurances including Worker’s Compensation and motor vehicle collision cases. Please telephone 719-533-1000 with additional insurance questions.

If your back is out, bring it in!