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Myodynamic Remodeling

Myodynamic Remodeling (MR), a technique pioneered by doctors at Absolute Health Centers, produces outstanding results. Once limited primarily to sports therapy, MR gained fame by drastically reducing athletes’ recovery time, enabling them to get back into the game sooner.

The goal of Myodynamic Remodeling is to break up scar tissue that causes pain and reduced range of motion. This scar tissue develops in the body as a result of either major trauma or repetitive stress on the tissue.

This therapy is also very effective at treating myofascial pain, and trigger points. In fact the Doctors of Absolute Health Center frequently coordinate treatment with physiatrists, which are medical doctors who specialize in chronic pain conditions. This combination of treatments is so effective it is common for patients to become less dependent or completely independent of oral pain medications. Learn more about Power Through Integration!


Myodynamic Remodeling:

A Definition

The prefix Myo stands for entire muscular system, which includes the enveloping tissue (fascia) and the neurovascular tissues that pass through the muscle itself.
Dynamic refers to motion during treatment.
Remodeling suggests a primary change in function and structure, where the muscle tissue is brought back to its original healthy state.