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At Absolute Health Center we utilize instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization to enhance pain reduction and increase functional mobility. RockBlades are utilized to feed the sensory system to improve motor output.  It is critical to achieve optimal motor control, which is the systematic transmission of nerve impulses from the motor cortex to motor units, resulting in coordinated contraction of muscles.

What we are really influencing is the brain through neurophysiological and mechanical mechanisms.  When we treat a patient with instruments, it is the nervous system that is influenced.  It is unlikely that any changes in the mechanical properties of tissues have occurred.  We have convinced the nervous system to let you move farther, with greater ease or with greater strength. RockBlades are thought to stimulate intrafascial mechanoreceptors which cause alterations in the afferent input to the central nervous system, leading to a reduction in the activation of specific groups of motor units.

The connective tissue and fascia are richly innervated with mechanoreceptors.  The fascial network possesses 10 times higher quantity of sensory nerve receptors than its muscular counterpart.  Fascia is a sheath, a sheet or any number of other aggregations of connective tissue that forms beneath the skin to attach, enclose, separate muscles and internal organs.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (RockBlades) provides an additional perspective or tool progressing through the paradigm of soft tissue and movement dysfunction.  This allows for neurological tweaking of the central nervous system, fascial release, mechanoreceptor stimulation, promoting enhanced movement and performance patterns allowing the patient to lock in the changes via corrective strategies.

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